How to Clean and Optimize Your Windows PC/Laptop

Periodically you might feel that your PC is operating slow, web pages are taking very long to weight and folder are beginning after some time. Almost all of these are indicators that your PC is struggling with something that is not

usual to happen. These things can happen to any new PC as well if it has been used for few months as well. Do not fault your PC just for this kind of stuff, there are chances it might have collected lots of gunk items or files for this reason it is taking a lot of time to process your get. This is the time to optimize your personal computer.

Even though there are many LAPTOP OR COMPUTER optimizers available on internet these days and almost all of them are paid software but you really no longer need to pay for those software, you can do PC optimization by

yourself without paying anything at all. It’s very easy to clean your PC without almost any technical knowledge. You simply need to do few things mentioned below and your computer will be again to normal when it was, its matter of few clicks only.

Take out Unnecessary Programs: Go to Control Panel and them Programs and Features which will pop up a set of currently installed software on your COMPUTER. Consider the list closely and remove any program that you are will

no longer using. This will also get back some disk space on your hard drive which you can use to store important data files.

Hard disk cleaner: Mouse click on Start button then Accessories then System Equipment and look for Storage Cleanup Utility. This little tool will help to delete junk items and momentary internet files from your computer, this will also get back some disk space for you.

Optimize Startup company Items: If your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER is taking too much time to start out consider looking at startup items. Press Window+R to open run field, type MSCONFIG command and go to startup tabs. Carefully check all new venture items and disable unwanted application from being run at startup.

Hard Storage Optimization: Simply click Start button then Accessories then Program Tools to check out Disk Defrag Utility. This could take some time to complete to relocate files and boost your disk drive.

Home windows Update: Make sure House windows Updates are turned on and your computer is checking for new changes regularly. This will fix almost all of security issues on your computer as well as will keep your computer updated. Your computer should be able to check for new up to date at least once a week.

Antivirus Scan: Produce sure you are by using a reputed antivirus protection and it is also being updated with virus meanings regularly. Most of the good antivirus softwares today have built in PERSONAL COMPUTER Optimizer utility

to boost your computer occasionally. You should run a full scan of your computer at least once per week.

Apart from the above things you can also increase virtual memory on your PC if your personal computer is low on RAM, this might also affect performance of your computer. You might also consider customizing windows registries

somebody improperly editing registry item might cause damages to operating-system, if want to do so consider by using a good PC optimizer or windows registry cleaner utility.