Top 10 Android Apps For Harry Potter Fans In 2023

Top 5 Best Harry Potter Games on iOS and Android
Top 5 Best Harry Potter Games on iOS and Android from


Harry Potter fans have been around since the books first came out in 1997. Since then, the franchise has grown exponentially, with movies, stage productions, video games, and more. With the advent of smartphones, it’s only natural that there would be a variety of apps for true Potterheads. In this article, we’ll explore the best Android apps for Harry Potter fans in 2023.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The first app on our list is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Developed by Niantic, the same company behind the popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a location-based game where players have to use their wits to explore the world around them and save magical artifacts from the Muggle world. The game allows players to cast spells, visit iconic locations from the series, and team up with other players in a fun and immersive experience.

Harry Potter Stickers

Another great app for Potterheads is Harry Potter Stickers. This app allows users to customize their photos, videos, and messages with over 500 Harry Potter-themed stickers. You can also use the app to make your own custom stickers, so you can express your inner Potterhead in any way you want.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is an adventure-based game where players get to experience life as a Hogwarts student. The game allows players to create their own character and make choices that will affect their story. Players can also attend classes, duel with other students, and explore the Hogwarts grounds.

Harry Potter Wallpapers

If you’re looking to give your phone a magical makeover, then the Harry Potter Wallpapers app is perfect for you. The app features hundreds of wallpapers from the Harry Potter movies and books, so you can find the perfect one for your device. You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds, from the Hogwarts Great Hall to the Forbidden Forest.

Harry Potter Books

If you’re looking to reread the books or just want to explore the world of Harry Potter, then you should check out the Harry Potter Books app. The app includes all seven books in the series, and you can even purchase the complete collection in one bundle. You can also customize the reading experience by changing the font size, background color, and more.

Harry Potter Trivia

If you consider yourself a true Potterhead, then you should test your knowledge with the Harry Potter Trivia app. The app features over 1,000 questions from the books and movies, and you can challenge your friends to see who knows more about the wizarding world.

Harry Potter Quizzes

For those who want to test their knowledge of the Harry Potter universe in a more interactive way, then the Harry Potter Quizzes app is perfect for you. The app features a variety of quizzes on topics from the books and movies, and you can also create your own quizzes and challenge your friends.

Harry Potter Puzzles

For those who want to use their skills to explore the wizarding world, the Harry Potter Puzzles app is the perfect choice. The app includes a variety of puzzles, from word searches to jigsaw puzzles, and you can even create your own puzzles and share them with your friends.


The Harry Potter franchise is still going strong, and true Potterheads can now explore the world of magic through their phones with these great apps. Whether you’re looking for a location-based game, custom stickers, wallpapers, books, or quizzes, there’s an app for you. So put on your wizard’s hat and get your wand, because there’s a whole magical world to explore!